Demo Reel Breakdown:

1. Futile Devices – March 2015. Modeling, Materials, Lighting, and Animation. Made in Cinema4D. 
2. Synthegenesis – April 2015. Filming, Modeling, Materials, Lighting, Animation, and Editing. Made in Blender and After Effects. 
3. The Omnipotent – January 2015. Materials, Lighting and Animation. Made in Cinema4D. (Walt Disney Head by David O’Reilly) 
4. Soundscapes – June 2015. Modeling and Animation in Blender. Coding and Development in Unity3D.
5. Lightwick – February 2014. Modeling, Materials, and Lighting. Made in Blender.
6. Through Time – March 2014. Modeling, Materials, Lighting, Compositing. Made in Blender and Photoshop.
7. Seasphinx – September 2013. Modeled in Sculptris. 

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